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Could Jayeye become the leader of Nottingham Drill Scene?

UK Drill has seen a huge surge of talent from the Midlands with a huge surge of talent in Birmingham thanks to M1llionz and Smuggzyace. Could JayEye accomplish the same feat for Nottingham?

Jay Eye's work rate has recently surged with a sequences of tracks and freestyle on p110 and SBTV with his latest track being "333".

Jay eye has flows that would be one of kind within the drill scene and "333" is a great example of that. The beat selection is good the mixture of crud talk, unique flows and a good hook shows he has a lot of potential with the right team behind him to push his music.

his JDZ freestyle was immaculate, showing how he can even tap into his experience as a grime MC delivering skippy grime flows on a drill beat.

jay Eye could be the leader of a Nottingham drill scene making a huge presence in UK Drill alongside shaxdow with the support of drill crews such as way 2 and CMG. Jayeye and the rest of the nottingham drill scene certainly have the potential to be great.


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