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Rappers and their mums

Strong women are a blessing. ‘Strong’ is sometimes forced on girls, women, mums, and grandmothers. Some worked two jobs, went to school, provided food, clothing, and shelter for their children and grandchildren, and still managed to smile and go on with everyday life.

Even if they struggled, these fantastic and brilliant mothers raised this hip-hop king, giving them all their love, support, knowledge, perseverance, and encouragement.

Check out these rappers with their favorite girls—their mums, Happy Mother’s Day!

Big Sean and his mum Myra Anderson, are very close, they also made a weekly video series dedicated to wellness, where in the 10/ 15 minutes episodes the mother-and-son duo discusses free and low-cost techniques in an effort to help their audience “attain and maintain emotional balance.”

J.Cole was raised with his two brothers, by single mum Kay after Cole’s dad left the family.Until Cole was 11, they lived in several tiny homes in neighborhoods and trailer parks. Fayetteville, or “The Ville,” as Cole calls it, has subsequently lived largely in Cole’s music.

Kojey Radical has a great love and respect for his mum who’s picturing, with also his son, on the album’s cover of “Reason to Smile”. His mum also narrates the album, recalling memories of her journey from Ghana and the life she has built in the UK. The song “Gangsta” is dedicated to her.

Dave said his mother worked long hours as a nurse and missed much of his childhood in what was a tough period for them both, saying she felt “stigma” after his two brothers were jailed. Now after winning the ambitious Mercury Prize for best album in 2019 and his two great albums, the Streatham's rapper, can cherish and spoil mum in every way.

Everyone knows Stormzy's mum, as she always has been massively influential in Stormzy’s success, from making cameos in his music videos to announcing his national tour, Stormzy's mum has definitely earned her stripes. This is a true example of "Mum is always here for us in the bad and good times".

Drake is another son devoted to his mum and he's very aware he owns her the fact he became who is today, thanks to her support and struggle in her life. Despite their tumultuous life, Sandi still managed to encourage him to follow his dreams and never give up.

Whatever you're doing today, celebrate your mum in any way, she's the reason why we're all here!


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