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Crafty gives us a quick look into where he's at on the brand new 'Induction EP'

I’ve been bigging up Crafty as one of the best out in grime right now and his latest release, the Induction EP, shows us exactly why he’s one to watch out for.

Crafty’s got a great slew of singles and projects under his belt, all standout grime songs from Raw to this year’s No Hook. He’s yet to give us a full length but another three songs is no issue.

The EP also shows off his production talents, as he drops off one solo instrumental, and the instrumentals to accompany the vocals to his songs. Being a rapper/producer is in my opinion, one of the most important parts of being an all rounder as a grime artist in a way that isn’t in other rap based genres. All of Crafty’s beats are intricate but minimal bangers, grimey but modern and show us that Crafty shows some skill and technical proficiency for someone making his beginner strides.

Induction is a clear standout, and an arrogant call out to any overly technical syllable-stacking MCs. Crafty effortlessly outclasses them, over a simple and melodic grime beat. He lets the beat breath for a bit, before the drums drop in and give the MC the backing to tear his own productions apart.

Luv Me and Get It Back are equally great songs, with the former being a more light hearted track seeing Crafty drop catchy hooks and tight flows, asking his girl to look after him while he’s in the streets. Get It Back on the other hand is more melodic, with PJ Anthony lending his vocals for an earworm autotune hook, and frequent collaborator Ramzey dropping a skippy feature.

In short, if you’re looking for some good grime music to bang in the whip, this one needs to be added to your playlist while grime fans wait for something more substantial from Crafty.


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