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Crafty893 keeps it raw on his latest banger 'rip pussyole mc's'

Crafty has been a name to watch in the grime scene for a minute now. Hearing his projects, freestyles or appearances on sets and you’ll realise almost straight away that he’s a cut above the rest.

Last week he dropped an epic new song, a fast paced banger, lyrically drawing the line in the sand between himself and the rest of the scene.

RIP Pussyole MC’s leans more on the side of freestyle than an actual song (which makes the hilarious song title make a bit more sense), but it’s still a must listen at this point.

The beat doesn’t give any clues to the producer, but the genius sample of the orchestral, epic classical music over the grimey drum patterns works a lot better than you’d think it would on paper.

Lyrically, Crafty is on top form. His flow is relentless, attacking the pockets of the beat with the energy of a man locked up in quarantine for two weeks. He constantly mocks every rapper he’s come across, with hilarious quotables like ‘I got waps them man have got dubs’, or ‘everyday Snapchat and you still think we won’t find the yute, I got a feeling you won’t like the crew’.

Probably my favourite bar comes straight after that one though, as he stops the beat to say ‘you know what we call you in the ends: pussy - some little eight bar rookie’.

This energy and attitude is only made more hilarious at the end of the tune, as Crafty lets the beat die out and instead of rapping just shouts incredible quotes such as ‘Crafty 893 for president, for mayor, for the man of your household’. So yeah, if this song was directed at anyone in particular, it’s RIP for them.

RIP Pussyhole MCs is available on all streaming services – and keep your eyes peeled for Crafty’s next release.


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