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Crash X GBG: The UK Drill Dream Team Delivers

fans were thrilled when a trailer to the highly anticipated collaboration with the two duos entitled “Crash x GBG” dropped on Sunday night on social media.

With M24 x Stickz’s anthem “We don’t dance”, and Skengdo x AM’s recent huge tune with fellow 410 rappers TS and Rendo entitled “Trapping and stacking”, the levels are very high.

As predicted, all four artists delivered quality verses by putting greazy flows and lyrics to create a legendary track which will have everyone talking about their amazing comebacks and work rates.

The collaboration kicks off with FF UK Drill freshman M24 setting the bar high by delivering some greazy and intelligent bars with some amazing Wordplay.

This is followed by Skengdo delivering yet another hard verse, bringing some nostalgic moments as he spits a verse which reminds people of his greazy and rude lyrics from 2015/16.

Stickz, much like Skengdo and M24, produced another cruddy verse which creates some very gory images about the life he lives (as he usually does). To round up what seems like will be a legendary drill anthem, AM came in and shelled another incredible verse to wrap up another incredible track to add to all four of these artist’s excellent discography.

If there are two groups that have faced obstacles this year it has to be 410 and 150, whether it is videos being taken down or injunctions, a lot of people wrote them off and did not think they would be doing as well as they currently are. Well they were wrong, extremely wrong.

M24 >>>

Instagram : m24official1

Stickz >>>

Instagram : iamstizzystickz

Twitter : stizzystickz


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