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Crazy Titch brought out a different side to Headie One's massive Hit "Both" with "Twice"

A grime legend who has been behind bars for years, he has been steadily realising music bringing attention to his case. 

Listening to "Twice" you can hear the pain and maturity in his voice. Giving you real word's about his circumstances and how he just wants his freedom that many say was unjustly taken from him.

Sometimes it's refreshing to see artist put down the bravado and display their honest vulnerable being. His second verse is one of the most thought provoking verses of the year and one of the best of his career.

Titch was literally doing both , that cost him his freedom but also brought his talent to the forefront during grimes early years.

A must listen for me.

Artist - @justice4titch

Song - "Twice"

Platform - @grmdaily


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