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D-Block Europe: 'The UK is Lit'

7 months, 2 projects and a new sound for the uk music scene.

america is not the only country that can create a surge of madness throughout an audience. a stunning performance by d-block Europe at 2019 wireless proved this. with their 'travis Scott' like performances which drive the crowd into a frenzy.

they have proven that the uk music scene is just as energetic and alive as America; this is all due to d-block Europe. their unique sound has crafted the uk's 'wave music' (a genre emerging and the rise assisted by m-huncho).

their incredible work rate has been seconded by their release of ptsd which came out on the 27th of September 2019, their second project in the space of 7 months.

D Block Europe PTSD UK Rap Finesse Foreva Design Artwork Tracklist
Artwork by ManiJGraphics

the release of ptsd and home alone conveys their drive to completely take over the music scene. ptsd emulates the theme of trauma that 'dbe' convey trough not only their project title but also can be portrayed through the songs 'intro', 'thug' and 'outside', which draws on the struggle to enjoy the emotion of love and express love as a luxury (something they discussed in more depth within their interview on capital xtra).

it further shows the changes that have occured in their life due to their come up in the music scene and the positive impact that the rise of the group has had. nevertheless ptsd delves into the idea that their traumatic experiences are masked, as they numb their pain through drugs (Cartier frames and outro).

their collaborations on the project reflect the obvious hard work and credibility of their work rate, especially with the likes of M-HUNCHO, Dave and Lil baby; leaving an imprint on An international level as well.

their attempt to breakthrough on a global level (especially America) is seconded by their collaboration with offset in the song 'rich'. therefore it is no surprise that both their uk and Europe tours are sold out completely, in which they also sold out Alexander palace twice (which holds a capacity of over 10,000 people).

due to their swift work rate the expectations for their tour is above a high standard (as it should be), after all their shows leave a ranger effect (travis Scott like) in which the crowd seems somewhat uncontrollable in which people are 'getting dragged out by their heads', yet crafts an unforgettable experience. there is no doubt that 'dbe' have and will leave an unforgettable impact on the uk music scene. and as Young add rightfully said, 'the uk is lit'.


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