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D-Block Europe Travels overseas to link up with Frenna for "Abloh"

This is that Dirtbike LB verse that everyone is talking about. It is almost absurd that it took this cross-continent link up on "Top Notch" for people to put some respect on his name. As good as Frenna's hook was and consistent Young Adz' verse was, Dirtbike stole the show.

the flow he starts his verse with, that 8 bar will get reloaded every single time. He by no means was saving a dying track, Frenna's hook is beautiful despite the language barrier. The fashion references from Young Adz and experimentation with his flows were more than welcome. But when this song plays in a club, its Dirtbike's verse that will tear the place to pieces.

Frenna drafts known Amsterdam trap producer Spanker who worked on the hit "Slow Down" with Yellow Claw. He is work making that style of trap serves him well, as the transition into the melodic rap sound that is popular in the Uk appears seemless. Frenna is not unfamiliar with this sound either with previous hits such as "Give Dem" and Afrobeat style tunes such as "Viraal"

Finesse Foreva is by no means unfamiliar with the scene in Amsterdam, as our own artist s1 has worked with artists from there. our #bigdripchallenge was open to entrants from the netherlands, and the beat was provided by Dutch Native Yamaica.

Those that work with me know that I am not personally a fan of D-Block Europe, as I felt Kitchen Kings was long winded and repetitive. Despite, even I cannot deny how great this song is.

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