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Debe shows UK Rap scene is zoo with new single "Farmland"

DEbe teams up with Earbuds for this provocative number, from the visuals to the lyrics, debe is clearly trying to make a point with the animal farm theme.

Debe truly illustrates a reality that can be music industry at times: People think like animals rather than rational human beings. There are so many easter eggs wrapped in neatly in this track, the fact that he is from Northampton which could be described as "cunch" making the country setting make more sense.

Although calling out rappers for buying chains and cars instead of securing a future is not new at all, debe creates an interesting way of visualizing it with him dressed up as a scarecrow, protecting his crop which would be his spoils from music.

Debe sees himself in the rap game surrounded by pigs and sheep, showing his ambition to become the farmer in this metaphor.

to quote SK "Remember, even your goat can turn chicken", because in this farm that is the rap game, there are goats and chickens.


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