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Dibo's come up has been rapid

There are some UK Rappers that tell hood stories better than the rest, plenty of rappers come from such circumstances, but some rappers make tracks that really pull on your heart strings. They make you feel emotionally invested in the rapper themsevles because you can hear how they pour their pain and emotions in to the tracks. Potter Payper, CS, K Koke and Tiny Boost are rappers i would put in that category and Dibo is the latest to join them.

Everyone claims to "spit that realness" but you just can't resonate with them, you don't get that problem with Dibo or this track. The instrumental helps a lot with this, the piano melody with the vocal loops creates a sombre atmosphere which makes you focus on her words. Dibo mixes up the flows to give you anecdotes from experiences she's had on the road, but she didn't need to cram a punchline into every bar to compel you to like the song. As stereotypical as it sounds, it’s just because she's that real, and you can hear in her music.

With no project out to date, we're all waiting in anticipation to see what she's capable of. I would expect something like the Pure Koke series from K Koke, tales of pain and triumph on UK rap beats, but all we can do is wait and see.


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