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Dig Dat's hit potential insane, and "Friday" proves it

In terms of hits for the last year, DIg Dat actually has an 100% hit rate. "Air force", "Guten Tag", "No cap", "tactics" and now "Friday" makes him 5 for 5. This collaboration alongside Kenny Allstar and Ghosty on production is so good, you don't even care that they released a song called "Friday" on a thursday.

What ghosty does with the production is truly special, it's dark and menacing with the low pitch melody alongside the 808 sliders. Its interesting how there aren't actually many layers to this instrumental, but it still slaps.

Dig Dat's wordplay is just as good as ever, and it balances out with the usual crud talk that you would find on a drill track. "When i had two twin blades like boondocks name me a riley or huey" is a line that exemplifies this perfectly

Kenny Allstar has been putting forward the best Drill talent for a couple years now, and he has a great eye for it, however my thoughts are similar to my thoughts on KO.

Dig Dat as a lyricist is amazing, and as a songwriter, he has a affinity for writing hits, however it's uncertain how that transfers to a project. A Dig DAt mixtape expressing his raw ability would sure be captivating, but in a way it would just be telling us a fact that we already know. What more could DIg Dat provide us with at this point? Only time will tell.


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