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don strapzy shows off his bilingual side in big chat!

Don strapzy returns to the scene with a braggadocios tune to prove why he's one of the best rappers in the UK scene. Known for his clever punchlines and effortless football wordplay, Don strapzy continues to impress on "big chat". Balancing rapping and his successful football team 'SE DONZ' the London rapper understands the pressure of performing well, and he does exactly that!

Don strapzy continues to impress with his tracks, exciting us with a whole verse in Portuguese flowing over the track effortlessly. Produced by gotcha, "big chat" gives us a vibe and beat that is south London through and through, don strapzy raps in his expected energetic flow, and the music video (directed by siak) has his teammates in the background hyping him on.

"Big chat" has Don strapzy rapping about his dedication to do well and difficult route to fame, saying "I ain't got no plan B, plan A or nothing..." The dedication to his craft can be found in how much effort Don strapzy puts in his perfected flows. And also how well his brand/football team has grown.

With a newfound love and inspiration for life and music, it seems don strapzy can do anything he wants. With effortless but skilful rapping technique, the Don's career is no where near over.


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