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Double S' Latest track "on the Roads" would have been perfect for Top Boy

Double S is a name that every grime fan should know, if that's not the case, put his name into YouTube immediately. "On The Roads" is a street ready grime tune that really should have made it onto Top Boy.

Double S has been in game more than long enough to put together a well structured song with a good hook and punchline filled verses. Such a standard is expected from someone as established and experience as Double S, but that's not what impressed me.

The HeavyTrackerz production on this what made this standout for me. The beat features the dubstep sounds we're used to hearing on grime, whilst the bassline isn't overpowering and doesn't involve an 808, this still works as a track that can be played in the club.

This fact in combination with the hook makes me almost disgusted with how much this track is being slept on.

His next mixtape "The Biggest" is available for pre-order now, with the release date of the 4th of November, its certainly gonna be a cold winter this year.


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