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Drill Godfathers Grizzy and Stickz slow down the tempo on 'Deadlock'

When you see 150 on a tune you might expect some thorough drill bars - the self-proclaimed Pioneers saw drill through from the early Chiraq inspired days through to what we call UK drill today.

However, since the crew has been very active this week they’ve decided to throw a left hook and hit the fans with some rap instead.

Deadlock sees Stickz and Grizzy go back and forth on a slower beat than you might expect from them. Neither of them are strangers to road rap though and the rare occasion goes off well. Stickz’ booming voice and Grizzy’s more high pitched, almost melodic delivery make for a good contrast as they trade bars over the minimal piano beat laced by Zdot.

it's Not your average grime banger you’re used to seeing from him, but it’s a nice clean beat perfect for the Brixton legends.

Grizzy opens up the tune and delivers a cold verse filled with vicious bars and hilarious punchlines, including one bar where he promises that ‘he’s chubby now but I bet that Stickz will get you’.

It’s a quick verse and from there Stickz handles the hook and the next verse, with his trademark punchline flow gliding over the beat. If it were a competition, Stizzy’s cold flows and standout bars slightly edges out Grizzy here.

This feels like a loose track but it’s still a highlight in the 150 catalogue that we hope to see more of soon. You can check the video out - co-directed by Stickz too - below.


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