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Dutchavelli reminds everyone why he's at the forefront

Dutchavelli’s rise in drill hasn’t been the usual one, but since his release THIS YEAR, he’s made a serious impact. In the era of microwave drill music, with the same song being taken out of the fridge, slapped in the microwave and forgotten about in the space of a week, ‘Only If You Knew’ remains memorable and are constantly on repeat.

However, for someone who’s just come out, Dutch seems like he’s been doing drill all this time like it’s nothing. Now, the gravel voiced artist returns with Surely, proving that the first attempt could never be a fluke.

Surely is produced by Brigade’s MKThePlug. The melody is unique and separates itself from a lot of what we see in drill. Everything sounds in perfect place – the distorted keys sit perfect on top of a synth counter melody, and the 808s line the beat up sharply. MK’s golden touch gives the production some catchy elements, a lot of variety and an undeniable bounce that is perfect for Dutch to pour down on.

As for the bars, Dutch remains energetic, with hard adlibs and his undertaker voice rattling your soul as he raps about glides, trapping and girls. His flow is smooth, and with it he finds plenty of time to drop in some Headie One references (borrowing the flow and a portion of his Dave collab, 18hunna).

He spits some hard bars with cutthroat lyrics like ‘free all my pagans, I wish they’d die, I love it when an opp gets fried like Morleys’. He’s also got some clever wordplay though, saying that he’d ‘circle the ends like the Royal Mail’, or that ‘he spills juice with his toolie, red wine like UB40’. That one bar there? That one’s disgusting.

The video is cool too, clean and well produced, featuring Dutchavelli, in a trademark red jacket and his boys in a block, and some girls twerking in what looks like a bus? It’s currently sitting at 1.5mill, showing you the impact he has right now. You can watch the video ABOVE, while we eagerly wait for he next Dutch tune to drop.


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