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Even Drill is not safe from the Izzie Gibbs treatment, and he's not sorry.

After dropping a Mad About Bars freestyle that is vying for top 10 of the year, Izzie is following up on this with a solo drill track of his own, and it slaps.

Izzie showed his aptitude for hooks with "Obviously", and his ability to switch lanes with his flows makes him a force to be reckoned with here. He was even involved with the production alongside staple name Zeph Ellis and surprising contribution from dubstep producer Trolley Snatcha, which shows the amount talent he has.

Izzie does start this with a conventional drill flow in the first verse, using typical phrases you are likely to find a drill song. Izzie also brings so much more than that, he raises possible questions about problems with the drill scene as a whole that frustrate him, such as how "How your drip looks forced" and literally is not sorry. His arrogance can be almost suffocating, which he acknowledges, and is not sorry for, and that is the best part.

On top of this, Izzie's second verse probably threw a massive curve ball to fans who are used to drill sounding a certain way. Dancing in and out of the beat, Izzie threw the rule book out the window.

This track just has his personality all throughout, with a few punchlines tucked away such as "Bro had to hold 14 Henry". While considering this, drill fans might prefer a track stacked more wordplay, and flows they are more familiar with.

Although I'm certain Izzie's unapologetic attitude and versatility will give them a drill experience they haven't heard before, I can definitely imagine some drill fans who are used to their music sounding a certain way hating this track, but I doubt Izzie will be sorry for that either.


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