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Eyez, Big zuu, kamakaze and Capo Lee team are "On Fire"

Eyez, Big Zuu, kamakaze and Capo Lee team up for "on Fire". The grime track dropped in GRM Daily ahead of their collab ep "Royal Rumble".

The amount of punchlines flying around on this track between the four of them are insane, to the point where listing them all in this post would be a myth. The variety in flows from each other them shows they all have something unique to bring to table, making this track such a rollercoaster of an experience.

The full EP "Royal Rumble" is already out on all streaming platforms, and continues with exactly this idea. They all come together with their unique styles on a variety of genres and sounds to deliver a great project all around.

Check outthe full review by our editor on Deez Endz youtube channel below.


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