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Ezro breaks out of his comfort zone on love song ‘Climax from Love’

Ezro has been underrated in music for a while now. Cutting his teeth and making his name in the grime scene, he and Vision Crew quickly emerged as a fresh and exciting group. Ezro especially wasn’t just good on sets and freestyles - he was a talented producer and showed promise with his first project that leaned more towards rap than grime.

Last week though, Ezro dropped a song that you wouldn’t usually hear from him. He’s not a stranger to making something slower and more thoughtful but on his latest song ‘Climax from Love’ he puts his feet firmly in love song territory, dedicating half the song to melody. 

The catchy melodies stick in your head as Ezro sings in autotune about spending time with his girl. He perfectly complements the vocal samples, and warm padded chords in the self-produced beat, with a smooth and melodic bassline keeping the song interesting. 

Another highlight of the song is that just as the song gets halfway through, Ezro gives us a beat switch and takes the song in a completely different direction, unexpectedly shedding the autotune for a solid verse before bringing it back to close the song out. It’s a surprise decision but it keeps the song interesting. 

Ezro is a project artist for sure and so far has three solid ones under his belt. If this is a tester for his next one then it may be an interesting one. For now, you can stream it below. 


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