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FFSYTHO drops Grime track "You Next"...and I really don't want to be next

FFSYTHO's entrance to the Grime scene was like when an armed robber walks into a bank with a shotgun. The self-entitled track "FFs Why Though" produced by Terror Danjah, which originally came from a instagram freestyle, was bold and brazen fully embracing the phrase "heart of height". "Bop through ya manor" and everything in-between thankfully made no changes to her style, because that's simply unnecessary at the moment.

This leads us to "You next", with flows so tight and polished you can literally hear how much her confidence has grown over the last year since her debut single. "You Next" is one hell of a statement that shows she's looking to start 2020 as she means to go on, as a true competitor in the grime scene.

It would be great to see when what she could come up if she put an EP together, or even just drop singles more and went on a more wholesome singles run.


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