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Finn Foxell's "good Tea" EP is like green tea rather than PG Tips

UK Lo-Fi hip Hop/Rap has been something I have

personally become more interested in recently with artists such as Kojaque, Benny Mails, Flowzart Lord Apex, Verbz, Clbrks, but finn foxell was my introduction to this sound with the track "evian".

Lo-fi Hip Hop/Rap is the combination of hip hop and rap sounds with jazz elements to create this dreamy atmosphere, with a range of instruments fill to out the track.

Coming out of West london, this 20 year old (Not sure when his birthday is) has an artist identity that oozes confidence without overcompensating by just being, well, loud.

Finn foxell's "Good Tea" ep is like green tea, an acquired sophisticated and mellow taste, but extremely satisfying and in fact very good for you. It's not the PG Tips or Tetley that you're used to, easily consumable and widely known, but i guarantee this will excite your taste buds.

Cool. Bless. Safe. is probably the track on this EP that is closest to the UK Rap you are used to listening to. The snares come together so nicely with the baseline and the keyboard melody is so soothing. The flow that Finn comes with is so relaxing, but shows technical ability and confidence without the high energy you may be used to. It's just like i said, confident but not loud.

Mistery is the other track that I want to talk about, but i'm not going to explain the whole thing for you, go and listen to it. The way the vocal loops are layered and echoed, contrasts with the sort of bassline you would hear from the "Dub" genre. (keep an eye on our BHM series and you'll learn more about it). Lava La Rue only brings more to the track, using her verse as bridge into the chorus that fades out into the end of track, it's just so wholesome.

I highly encourage everyone to give this a listen and explore the world of Lo-Fi Hip Hop/Rap in the UK.


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