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FloHio is a real rap renegade on "Glamourised"

After being begged for fans to release "Snub" on digital platforms, she gives us two for the price of one with a music video for "glamourised"

to quote Flohio herself" Rap isn’t meant to be too happy; there’s meant to be grit in there" and there is plenty of grit in this dark and broody trap beat from hlmnsra. The sort of aggression she offers with her flow as well as the boldness of her lyrics, is a breath of fresh air in a scene of doja cat clones. She puts across the idea that everything has to sparkle and glisten and that's not what she wants her music to be. She also has an impressive pen too with lyrics such as:

"I am same pressed in the mirror might sleep with myself, fornicating with the wealth"

its a good example of how she is deliberate with her words and the tone in lyrics which delivers the gritty rap style that she's spent so much time nurturing. E+T does a great job with the Polaroid black and white visuals, literally nothing looks nice in a traditional sense, like something out of the blair witch project.


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