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Frenchy Le Boss and Smoke Boys hit the strip club

Frenchy Le Boss is a french Rapper who is no stranger to the UK scene, especially after his appearance on the Sn1 Folder with tracks such as "Raggo". Smoke Boyz have made a fantastic return to the scene after dropping "Don't Panic 2" and following it up with an array of singles over 2019.

Is there even a tune that Deepee doesn't spazz out on? Does Swift even have bad verse? Smoke boyz have been consistent for years and it's great to see that hasn't changed. Frenchy delivers a great hook and quite frankly, someone needs to get this on radio/dj playlists because this track is club ready. The melody on the hook uses unusual sounds meaning you can't pin it to a particular genre. Is it drill? Is it Rap? Does it really matter if it bangs this hard?

Ever since the smoke boyz mad about bars (Which Walkz gave a 10/10 by the way) deepee has a adopted a flow that impresses you every time he pulls it out.


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