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Frosty and Unknown T go bar for bar in new hit collab " Under Surveillance"

With flows, and a style that many have compared to other Uk rappers, Frosty always has something to prove each time he raps. and with unknown T still riding the wave from his recent, critically acclaimed album; both rappers needed to bring out their best on this long awaited collab. And they did exactly that!

Frosty- the county lines rapper, has since come out of jail and proved, with song after song that he's more than just a one hit wonder. with each new song released he's had to prove his longevity and distinctiveness from rappers he often gets compared to. Unknown T - the homerton rapper proves his endurance in the rap game too on this song, with a unique flow that we've become used to and a deep voice that makes the listener pay more attention too.

produced by r14 beats , this songs beat is sinister, different to the average drill song but still as grimy. the song perfectly presents the dangerous and often overlooked part of the street lifestyle. Repeated lyrics such as "whole year i was under surveillance" remind the listener that law enforcement are always on the lookout for people to arrest. the annoyance of constant surveillance can be heard in both rappers verses and the aggressiveness shown. they both flow over the beat smoothly with verses that aren't choppy and mirror each other perfectly. with this new drill collab with Unknown T, both rappers claim there spots as part of the Uk's elite.


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