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Funky Dee is about turn grime raves upside down

Have you ever thought that funky dee's gimmicky adlib is starting to get old and doesn't get you hyped like it did it first? No? Good me neither. KOOOOONG KOOOOONG!

Funky Dee LOTM Finesse Foreva UK Rap Blog

The energy that funky dee comes with is one of a kind, and his lord of the mics appearance is more than enough proof that his presence can take up a whole screen as well as a stage.

its admirable how unapologetic he about his style, overbearing aggression, wacky adlibs and borderline ridiculous yet quotable lyrics. the most common attack against funky dee is that he used to do funky house, making him obsolete and outdated. so what does he do? jumps on a grime tune sampling the funky house tune that he's most known for being "are you gonna bang".

Speaking of ridiculous yet quotable lyrics: "I'll tell you suck your mom go suck your dad, and I won't take it back, grab that pole...KOOONG KOONG" certainly fits that description, but I guarantee those same bars will turn a grime rave upside down, and that's what Funky dee's strength is.

This track is almost a statement, he knows what you might think of him, but he just doesn't care.

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