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Funky house sweet heart Kyla returns

Kyla is a voice that is unilaterally known across the UK scene, the smash hit "Do you mind" with crazy cousins is one that certainly my generation will never forget. Kyla has an unforgettable voice as well as unforgettable songs, and "Personal" is exactly that.

Kyla has been through so much as a career and wanted to make a song that reflects who she is as a person, and makes her shows her identity as an artist.

"I wanted to release something that I love and something I feel personally represents me rather than just ticking the boxes, ‘Personal’ does that”

well, "personal" definitely accomplishes that with the overall tone. The guitar melody is something that makes the track stand out, showing kyla isn't attempting to just pander to music trends, but carve out an identity over her own.


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