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Ghetts cuts through like a silent assassin on the Sir Spyro produced track "listen"

east London grime legend ghetts further proves he's one of the most diverse lyricist our country has produced.

an artist who has mastered his craft, ghetto, Ghetts or J Clarke, can attack a instrumental in so many different ways.

while rarely dropping in overall quality.

"listen" produced by sir spyro (who's having a fantastic 2019" is apart of the ovo sound backed "top boy" soundtrack.

spyro, who is known for hard hitting grime riddim goes for a more sombre approach. allowing ghetts to move like a surgeon with his calm demeanour but sharp lyrics.

"I know who I am, I just act like I'm normal Never had no plug, that just made me resourceful Desperate measures, y'all know what I may well resort to I'm from an era where we guard the death so no one can record you"

even his stunt raps are calculated, giving you a small glimpse into his journey as a man and artist.

"We was them niggas on corners Now we're talkin' figures with corporates (Listen) You'd feel sick if you knew what I made from endorsements (Listen) Don't tell me 'bout whip, I made my own lane like a horseman"

this isn't the hype aggressive mic bully ghetto on this single. it's the more soft spoken but deadly assassin ghetts making an entrance and reminding the scene he's still in top form.

And if you haven't heard Ghetto Gospel New Testament yet, what on earth are you doing?


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