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Grime Veteran P Money drop "While We Wait" EP

for me south London grime wouldn't be nothing without p money.

the south east London mc has shown time after time again he's not only one of the best grime artist of his generation, but also one of the best mc's in the country.with covid stopping many artist touring, P has decided to bless his fans with the "while we wait ep"

before we get into the music, first of all the "one shot" music video idea was a brilliant choice. rather than uploading three different videos, P decides to showcase all three singles in one music video.

which is well shot and fits the vibe of each record perfectly.

"bumbaclart riddim" is a type of song grime has been missing. a hard hitting minimal instrumental that two mc's can easily flow and experiment over. Featuring MEZ (Who also produced the beat) they have exciting chemistry and mez is in his element.

the back to back shows the difference in technique and rhyming patterns with P money adding punchlines and wordplay and mez using different vocal tones and melodies. i only wish this song had a hook but it's a banger regardless.

leading into "is somebody there" produced by Izamik

which is one of the most heartfelt records in grime history.

p money is more than thats a punchline grime mc. but he's also one of the genre's greatest storytellers. his collaboration with ed sheeran on "family" is one of his best examples,

but this song could bring a tear to your eye, you rarely see grime artist so vulnerable .

"I learned a lesson

Never Google symptoms, trust me

Fucking hell

All I did there was stress myself

My insanity slowly floating away in need of an anchor

No more room for the drugs or banter

Never forget hearing a man say that I don't want to say but that sounds like (Sounds like)"

this single gives the ep and P so much emotional depth i would love to see this performed on "colors" or an acoustic version. A must listening.

then the ep ends with a banger.

"Pagans Everywhere" produced by Boofy pulls no punches and calls out a familiar name in the grime scene.

"I don’t care about top one, two or three

Cah they’ll talk about four when I back out the hammer

You won’t find Lord of the mics on my planner

What you on about? I ain’t even cool with Jammer"

p has always been one of the scenes strongest critics and often calls out the politics and issues that hold the genre back.

"When they’re talking egos, I ain’t got much of that

MC list, you can miss me with all that

I don’t care about king of this, king of that

Look at the state of the scene, this kingdom is whack (Trust)"

"Man are not biggin'up the girls these times

There’s a few that'll spin ‘em off tracks (Hmm)

Spotify showed us your play count

Rich in your lyrics but you don’t make racks (That’s true)"

if your talking about perfect beat selection, P is usually consistent with beats that cater to his style.

this ep was a delightful surprise.

with just 3 tracks, this is one of most diverse projects released this year. P is more than just a grime og. but a grime artist who is looking to push the scene forward and delivering quality content regardless of genre.

this is a must listen.


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