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Has Blanco's decision to distance himself from UK Drill payed off?

Harlem Spartans' front line member blanco has recently been showing off his versatility recently with tracks such as "Vancouver" and "pull up". this move has showed that Blanco is capable of so much more than what UK Drill can showcase.

Blanco has always been known for his anime references, and this has remained a constant with the opening line "fishermen throwing up signs like shippuden". There are so many punchlines in this track, that blanco has certainly earned his spot as one of the best lyricists in drill, even though he doesn't really make drill anymore.

The lack of a 808 bassline actually works well for, especially on this track where his flow is almost continuous. The animated visual effects add a nice touch to this minimalist instrumental.

The usual problem with minimalistic instrumentals that are very simple, in terms of the amount of layers, is that some rappers do not have big enough presence to fill it. Blanco certainly does not have that problem with a flow that's soothing, but exciting at the same time, as well has having too many quotables to count.


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