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Deep Dive: Are Chip and Stormzy beefing? Or is this all hot air?

This week saw the unexpected return of Stormzy to drill. In a surprise collab with UK hit-maker Tion Wayne and the new golden boy Dutchavelli, the three delivered verse after verse over a drill banger from AoD and The Elements.

The song is a banger - Tion and Dutch have some surprising chemistry, able to do the double act nicely and tear the beat to shreds. Things get surprising about halfway through when Stormzy comes back.

Stormzy’s been gone from the public for a while now; considering he was always very active and outspoken on snapchat and twitter on the come up, he’s now rarely seen. But forget the absence, the collab, or even the relatable quarantine trim. Cause after that verse, everyone seems to have the impression that Chip needs to come out of beef retirement and address something.

I’m not entirely convinced - but today I’m gonna put my tin foil hat on and make a deep dive into the conspiracy theories.

Theory 1: The Beef Is Real

The first theory comes from Stormzy fans across the country. It breaks down like this - Chip sent for Stormzy on Waze, and Stormzy is replying here.

I get it to be honest. People don’t start verses off with ‘Is he sending for me, I dunno’, for no reason. And Chip did have some questionable bars in Waze, with some fitting Big Mike’s Adidas, with bars calling out MCs calling themselves the king, and MCs who don’t compete. However, the reason it doesn’t quite fit for me is that firstly - Chip and Stormzy have worked together before. And both of them have spoken highly of each other.

Also, both of their verses talk about selling albums. Chip isn’t on Stormzy’s level anymore, but he’s not the one to talk down on for not selling. Neither of them can. The shoe just doesn’t fit.

Theory 2: Friendly Fire

The second theory goes like this - Chip’s Waze verse wasn’t a send but was a reply to Nottingham’s Mez, an underground MC he’s had a bubbling feud with. Stormzy, if he even was replying to Chip, replied by mistake.

If there is a problem, then I’m leaning towards this theory. The Mez and Chip situation is a little messy to go in depth with, but it seems to be the result of Chip not being a fan of how deep the D Double E influence is on him.

Theory 3: ‘U lot are bored’.

In the words of Tion Wayne, ‘U lot are bored’.

And if anyone would know whether Stormzy was sending it would most likely be him. You don’t record a song with someone and a whole music video without having some sort of idea.

I think people are just dying for some entertainment this week, and what would be more entertaining than Chip v Stormzy? I’m not mad at it.

Chip must be though - imagine, for not even the first time, someone you’re pretty much cool with dropping a song and you get on trending for people asking you to beef him? That’s all long.

For now, you can put that energy to a good cause and stream all three of these talented artists.


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