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In Conversation with Finesse foreva : AJ & Still Greedy

After having a strong 2019, with tunes such as "on my own", "All on me ft skengdo x am", and "throw it down ft grizzy", Still greedy has brought the consistency and quality into 2020 therefore I felt as if it was only right that I interviewed him and spoke to him about his journey so far an d what he has coming next.

We had a conversation via zoom and here is what he had to say:

Aj - SO Your latest single," Hit and miss" how did you come up with that ?

still greedy - I was in the studio when a producer "29" sent me the beat and I started vibing to it . Then i realised this one is special and I had to get it out there

AJ - What is your biggest single so far?

Still Greedy - Biggest single so far on my own opened many doors, Big Narstie played it on his TV show on Channel 4.

AJ - How did that relationship with Big Narstie come along?

Still Greedy - We did a show together and the relationship built from there. I t hen made a song with him called "Smooth Criminal". then Dice Recordings hit me up and signed me and now I'm label mates with Big Narstie.

AJ - who are your Top 5 artists in the UK?

Still Greedy - My top 5 UK artists would be the bros - M24, Stickz, Unknown T, Sneakbo and Mdargg.

AJ - How would you describe your sound?

Still Greedy - I would describe my sound as Melodic Wave, i am one who is different from the rest and does not like to follow the crowd.

AJ - Have you got any projects coming along

Still Greedy - Yeah I have got an EP on the way with 7 tracks on it with features from the guys Stickz, Sneakbo, Big Narstie and a few suprises.

AJ - If you could give advice to yourself at the start of your career what would you say?

Still Greedy - Not to stop, stay focused and not to listen.

AJ - If you did stay consistent and had the right people around you where do you think you would be right now?

Still Greedy - If i had the right guidance and i was consistently dropping I think I would definitely be up with the likes of Young Adz and the rest of the trapwave artists in the uk.

Personal issues stopped me from being consistent but I’m back now.

Go and check out a few of Still Greedy's most recent singles Hit and Miss, Hungry Belly and Floating. Even though we have been in lock down this hasn't stopped Still Greedy from releasing bangers - make sure to look out for the EP that is on the way!


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