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Is Loski going too American on "Slay"?

Loski was undoubtedly the golden boy of uk drill all of 2018, and for many people still may be top 3. Classic bangers with Harlem Spartans, a great tape and a run that had the likes of Drake paying attention had him winning for sure.

However, he was sadly locked for possession of a weapon and that run was cut short early.

he was released on a technicality last month, and since then he’s picked up where he’s left off, going back to his work rate just after he came out the last time.

While we haven’t had a song on that level yet, Loski has definitely changed things up a little bit. Allegedly showed us that he was working with a different pattern, making a pretty interesting combination of UK drill and NY drill, but Slay confirms it – Loski really like NY drill.

It’s a mind bending thing to think of – Loski’s now making drill, based on US drill, which is influenced by UK drill, which was inspired by Chicago drill. Let’s not overthink it.

Plenty have had comments since he dropped Slay, pointing out the irony that we shouldn’t be copying the Americans. And the shoe definitely fits Loski. But is the song that bad?

If ‘Allegedly’ was the aggressive drill banger, then ‘Slay’ is one for the girls. The beat is more of a wave than the dark beat allegedly had, with some R&B styled vocal loops in the background of the beat, blending in perfectly with the light, airy pads. Loski does well on these airy, atmospheric beats; the 169 produced Slay reminds me a little of Money and Beef.

Loose pairs this with lyrics about fashion, money, and girls, tying the hook up with the catchy line ‘I’m with a slay’.

You can call it American but it’s cool, I can’t lie.

The real Americanisms come in the delivery; Loski’s flow was always hard as hell, cool but cutthroat. However, since Allegedly, he’s adopted a slowed down flow that instantly makes you think of Pop Smoke and Fivio Foreign. It’s catchy, but it sticks out like a sore thumb. Another interesting development is the ‘ski ski’ adlibs – I get it but it can definitely sound like something 21 Savage might do. I also can’t lie, I’ve never needed to see Loski dance in a music video.

I personally wish Loski would go back to the old ‘uh uh’ think he would do, and really take back the old style that everyone’s been dying for.

However, I won’t lie, Slay is a great song even if it does sound American.

Not that that matters, because if we stop doing American things, we should probably pack drill up entirely and give it back to Chief Keef. And then we should stop doing a lot of things, like rap music, watching TV, or eating doughnuts or something. Calling out rappers for copying Americans in an American inspired genre is actually a boring game when you think about it.

Loski’s still cold, and when he really gets back to rapping like he used to, I’m sure he’ll get straight back to where he left. but for now credit where credits due - let's keep an eye on the video till then.


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