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is Nito Nb the dark horse of UK Drill?

Nito Nb has often been in everyone's Uk Drill top 10 lists at some point, and for good reason. Whilst pop drill is certainly profitable at the moment, Nito NB prides himself on not watering down his lyrics, and showing he's just as talented as those that do.

Ghosty previously mentioned that nito nb is one of his favourite artists to work with (Check out the interview here), and you can definitely see why. Nito's flow works perfectly with the dark and energetic drill beats ghosty is known for. Despite having a signature flow that he constantly uses, he has slight variations that he uses interchangeably to stop it from being repetitive, and that's such an important skill to have.

Nito's delivery is as clean as always, but what's more noticeable is his improvement at putting hooks together. His previous releases such as "Love Island" and "Fighting Force" shows how this certainly something he's be consistently working on.

Listing out Nito's punchlines, like is most of his tracks, would be exhausting, and with how skippy and uptempo his flow is this time around, its hard to catch them all. Don't fret, if you want catch all the punchlines, ounraigenius has you covered.


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