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It’s a North London link up on OFB and Abra’s ‘Let Man Know’

OFB had a very strong 2019, with a hit drill song, strong features and a highly anticipated mixtape. The tragic incarceration of SJ has left them a little directionless and may have sidetracked their rise to fame, but this year they’ve flown the OFB flag relentlessly.

They kicked off this month bringing in their North London affiliate and another drill hitmaker into the fold for another collaboration. Spitting over a classic drill beat, the two chords and piano melody lace the instrumental perfectly, with some 808 slides that OFB are known for killing.

Bando and Double Lz’s chemistry is undeniable – Lz is the laidback one, giving you menacing, hollow hearted and constantly evolving flows about everything from tearing livers to riding out on opps. Bando brings the excitement, his rapid fire and aggressive vocals tearing up any beat. His trademark flow stamps his presence all over the track. These two, with enough lyrical progression could be coming like 2015 LD and Dimzy.

It’s a clear fact that letting Abra loose on this track was a reckless move. He takes the beat, chews it up and spits it out without even breaking a sweat. His demonic vocals and lyrical ability delivers the perfect replacement for SJ, breaking up Bando and Lz and letting man know that the Farm Boys aren’t a joke.

This song isn’t out on streaming services as of yet, but you can watch the video on Youtube above.

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