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Ivorian doll and her rumours.....

Within a month of its release, Ivorian doll and her newest hit song as a single artist; Rumours has hit 1 million views. This song really follows up on the obstacles that Ivorian doll faced when she was first introduced to the public eye. However,she has utilized these "rumours" to her advantage through her use of lyrics and the expression in her tone as she talks about these so called truths.

Ivorian Doll also known by her supporters (the Dollz) as IVD, sets the scene of her music video in a high school. Comparing these "rumours" to a classroom environment depicts her a haters as childish and immature , and a result adds to the powerful statement IVD is making with this song.

By writing a song based off of her own personal experiences she has been able to share her story with other females and males that lookup to her that may have been or go through the same struggles she expresses. With the use of her witty and confident lines, IVD has been described as "the queen of stopping slut shaming" by one supporter and also others saying that she has "popped off" and that her song is "cold."

IVD is accompanied by Lani Good and of best friend Demmy (aka miss demz). By bringing all these beautiful women together, Ivorian Doll is advocating for united front for black women in the UK music scene in order for us to achieve great things no matter how we are portrayed. This tune alone has me wanting more from Ivorian Doll and has me very excited to see what comes next! Is she the newest queen of rap in the UK?


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