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J Boy comes in cold with new track Jordan

J Boy is one of the OG’s in the UK Drill scene and is in the Brixton drill group 150/GBG with other artists such as Stickz, Grizzy, M24, M Dargg and Tookie. But this new song here titled Jordan is a mint solo tune from J Boy.

The track also samples a hilarious soundbite from an episode of Does The Shoe Fit with Chunkz, Yung Filly, Konan and Jordan Hames. One of Jordan’s dates wasn’t too impressed and uses the line to diss him. The clip went viral and the original video racked up millions of views.

J Boy takes the sample and spins it into a hard hitting drill track that crafts the line to take on an entirely different meaning. The beat is cold as well which is produced by platinum music producer Gotcha.

Check out the clean visuals for Jordan below


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