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jme drops one of grimes strongest singles of the year with "issmad"

jme is back again with another release from his critically acclaimed album "grime mc" with the banger "issmad"

moving away from the storytelling aspect of "96 of my life" this track finds jme in full lyrical onslaught with his patterned signature style.

i haven't seen the north london mc with this intensity since his single "man don't care"

over the hard hitting lewi b production, we see jme using a rhyme pattern where The final syllable changes every two bars as well as the sequence of A-D and 1-4. This man is truly a wordsmith.

it's an attention to detail i love from artist where it shows they are putting that extra effort in their art and jme pulls this off flawlessly.

i especially love his flow and rhyme scheme when he rhymes

"Man are out here tryna make one M

So I drive to the cashpoint for M's

See me on road in the AM

But you can't keep up in your BM

Don't follow you so you can't DM"

check at the syllable progression on every last line. this is top tier writing that looks simple on the eye.

this will be another gem added to his already classic grime catalogue.



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