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Joey Fatts returns with another track, 'None of That' featuring G Perico

Joey Fatts is a prolific and underrated artist form Long Beach, California, who returned last week with a groovy and inspiring single called ‘None of That’.

Joey’s a chameleon artistically, able to rap on weird, left-field beats with his cousin and fellow California native Vince Staples, trap and mumble rap beats with Atlanta legends-in-the-making Playboi Carti, and straight rap music, like on his classic Chipper Jones tapes. There’s also his production chops, lending his talents to rappers as big as A$AP Rocky.

This song before us leans more into his rap flows, and he delivers. Leading up to what is to be his third mixtape this year, ‘None of That’ sees him trade bars with LA’s G Perico, in a cutthroat, West Coast through and through rap song. They both deliver bars talking about their grind and their lives with the ultimate finesse.

The track is very Nipsey; not just in the distinctive accent but in the mentality. Joey talks about watching disloyal friends, staying focused and coming from nothing. Just like Nip, the cripping is in full effect too, with Joey letting you know he’s wearing blue and Perico spitting cold bars like “on my cripping I be taking flights”.

Spitting over a bassy Jay beat, filled with these uplifting organs, pianos and bass guitar, it provides an effortless and summery backdrop to rap over. The pitched down vocals in the chorus add a distinctive and exciting touch to it.

The video is equally fun to watch; a little movie you can catch below, while we wait for joey fatts' next tape to drop shortly.


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