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Johnny shows a birth of a possible all around talent

East London has so much talent that has come out from it over the years, and Johnny shows that he has the fundamentals down on his debut single "Grinder" premiered on GRM daily.

Singing voice? Check

Various singing patterns? Check

Capable Producer? Check

Capable song writer? Check

He This single shows core skills that puts him ahead of pack from day 1, the ability to write a good hook goes a long way, and as he builds up his name, this will prove invaluable. He could make some great singalongs if just keeps at it.

The singer songwriter producer package has so much potential, look at partynextdoor for example of successful you can be with that package. For a debut single this is quite promising and 15k views is nothing to turn your nose at.

The production is also nothing to scoff at either with a well layered melody on the instrumental which isn't just 4 notes on a xylophone with a drum pattern underneath.

"Grinder" is out on all digital Platforms thanks to Ten Letter


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