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jords gives us an emotive Black and ready new single

Only a month ago Jords gifted us with his debut album "Almost an Adult," now the rapper is releasing a brand new single entitled "Black and Ready".

The song is touching one of the most talked topics and issues at the moment, race relations and the rapper is conveying his own experience in a mature and open way, standing against oppression.

Jords is analyzing the important matter giving us his more honest and true thought about it. Using his powerful and smooth lyrics, he's talking about his life encounters from his perspective delivering a great testimony for everyone to understand the struggle. educating who needs it.

Black and ready donates with his strong lyrics , an empowering piece to the black communities.

the style is always impregnated of the artist unique way to mix a conscious rap, to an atmospheric r&b trappy mood. the backing faint chants of black lives matter all throughout the song add a more evocative and strong touch to it.

in a statement the rapper explained further his views:

Right now, I am an angry black man. One of many angry black people. One of many hurt black people. But also, one of many passionate black people. One of many determined black people. One of many brilliant black people. I am done complaining. It’s time for us to build. I will do all that I can to help build the black community in any way. I put my emotions into a song, and we will be donating all the profits of this song to The Black Curriculum, a social enterprise founded in 2019 to address the lack of Black British history in the UK Curriculum. This is just the start. It’s time to own who we are, own what we do, and build what we own. I love being black. I am Black And Ready. Yours, Jords

Jords announced that all the proceeds from "Black & Ready" will be donated to The Black Curriculum - an organisation devoted to facilitating social change by "delivering arts focused Black history programmes, providing teacher training and campaigning through mobilising young people".


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