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Just Banco drops another banger - most underrated MC from Manchester?

Just Banco drops yet another one of his wavy bangers which is titled Ahh Damn. I always look forward to anything new dropping from this guy, so I was more than excited when I saw this released on Mixtape Madness.

His flow is effortless as he raps about the trap over a cold instrumental. Just Banco is the first artist who plans to enforce a Trapanese genre and sound. This northern powerhouse plans to interrupt the scene with his new genre which is a collective blend of R&B, Grime and Rap.

This guy doesn’t get enough credit in my opinion within the UK scene, especially after I listened to his mixtape titled The Last Train To Trapan which came out in 2018. You should also check out some of the singles he released last year, such as the big hits Sweet Like Sorbet and the Walking Dead.

check out the visuals for Ahh Damn here on Mixtape Madness.


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