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justin Bieber stars in dj Khaled ft drake single "Popstar"

DJ Khaled recently released his collaboration with Drake in July for one of his newest singles ‘Popstar’. Although, he released the music video for ‘Popstar’ on the 4th of september. Surprisingly, Justin Bieber happens to be the star of the show. Drake and DJ Khaled are only identified at the beginning of the video. However, the rest of the footage consists of Justin Bieber subbing Drake.

The clip opens with DJ Khaled insisting for Drake to shoot the Popstar music video, despite there being a global pandemic occurring. Nonetheless, Drake gets an idea; “there’s one thing I can do”. Drake then calls in his favour. The phone call then transitions into a morning-after scene, with Justin Bieber waking up in a mansion with multiple partiers ready to keep the partying going. It happens to play out like most classic house parties, although it ends with Justin awake beside his wife Hailey Rhode Bieber. He communicates with her that he had the wildest dream where Drake asked him to film a music video for him.

‘POPSTAR’ is one of two Drake collaborations that DJ Khaled simultaneously dropped back to back in July, the other being ‘GREECE’. The Popstar music video drastically supported the growth of the single. At this time of writing the audio has 16 million views on YouTube and the Official music video has over 52 million views on YouTube.


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