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K-trap drops and ghosts on us with new tune 'Exit'

K-Trap has been whipping up a storm this year, and on his latest tune ‘Exit’, he shows that he has way more in the bag for the people. After some big singles like Mask Off, Big Mood and Out The Mud, as well as a solid project in No Magic, his output and work rate this year has been nothing to joke about. Really and truly, it might not be a coincidence that since he went bait face, he’s been showing face a lot more in the drill scene.

Exit was an unexpected drop released to celebrate his birthday last week, and this gift isn’t one to look down on. It carries on the streak of hard drill tunes he’s been making all of this year, truly going back to basics instead of branching out to other sounds like he has previously. That doesn’t mean that this song isn’t good though – the Paper Plans rapper is still as hard hitting as ever and drops a banger on that pushes the cutting edge of drill.

The beat is a highlight of the song – it’s stripped back and minimal, with some heavy drum patterns and a haunting piano melody, courtesy of Malice. Malice lives up to his name for the beat as the vibe is dark, moody – with the horror tinged scream sounds accenting every few bars, this beat is one that will have you ready to bally up yourself.

K-Trap himself gives a great performance. His ear hooks is elite, and his bars shouting about trapping in everything from Amiri drip or a Nike tech tracksuit will be stuck in your heard from the second you hit play.

His verses are similarly impressive, with the focus mainly being on trapping, flossing, and everything in between. K Trap honestly has a lot of replay value as a rapper, with some creative bars setting the standard for drill like ‘no shotgun, that’s a whole movie clip’.

In short, Exit is a great loosie from K-Trap but these songs are usually aren’t to be overlooked. You may not hear it on a tape but it’s definitely going to keep K-Trap on people’s tongues till he’s ready to drop again. You can hear it for yourself on GRM below.


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