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K Trap is gearing up for something big on “Mask Off”

K-Trap has had a quiet 2019 – couple features here, couple singles there - but summer is here now and he’s back in a big way. Mask Off is the most focused he’s sounded in a while and it’s clear on this drop he’s playing no games in drill.

He kicks thing off with a little cameo from frequent collaborator LD on the intro. LD doesn’t play a big role (unfortunately, if you know anything about their history on tracks which tend to take off) but his presence is still felt. After all, what would a drill song about masks be without the 67 representative anyway?

K-Trap holds his own on the song without a feature though, and he follows LD’s speech with a hook that’ll be stuck in your head for weeks. There’s no doubt in my mind that the energy he comes in on with “I feel to just take this mask off” will bang anywhere it’s played. He makes his point clear in the song from the jump – this is a tune dedicated to authenticity, calling out rappers who are “talking wass and hiding face on a stepping stone to music”.

K Traps delivery makes you feel every bar on this tune. When he says “I feel to just take this mask off, everyone cause everyone confused it” you know that this guy means what he’s saying.

The beat produced by Slay Products is skeletal but well produced. K Trap uses this beat as a canvas that he flows over with a cold, cutthroat energy. It’s a well picked beat without a doubt, but K Trap steals the show, not leaning on the beat or features to get his message heard. The beat suits him but it’s his bars that are the focus of the song.

Lyrically, K Trap gives you an insight into the life behind the mask and how he sees drill from his perspective. He makes it clear that the masks are all for show – it could be anyone in a Deadpool mask in a music video but he proves that he doesn’t do this for the fame at all. He paints a picture of how lowkey he keeps his music life when between juggling the streets and music in the first verse, talking about a plug that meets him to reup and pulls up playing his music without even knowing. “He didn’t know that I’m Trapo bet if I told him I’d make his week” is just one of the many hard lines in this song.

K Trap’s got a banger in Mask Off and No Magic is out NOw, we've finally got that K Trap x RV link up we wanted and boy does it slap.


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