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k-trap drops new song - private snap

K-trap, the "mask off" rapper released a new highly anticipated song which many fans have praised. K-trap is known to be very versatile, making songs that vary from uk raw drill, to melodic trap music. fans loving his flexibility and his ability to effortlessly blend the two sub genres together. K-trap blew up with songs such as "David Blaine" and created a new buzz for himself when "mask off" dropped. the once faceless rapper has continued to stay true to his origins and not sell out his original rawness which made him famous.

K-trap flows effortlessly over this song AND PROVES WHY HE'S ONE OF THE UK GOATS of UK Drill. the guitar loop in this beat instantly makes ones head nod and is reminiscence of 2018 era "re-up" K-trap. the video that accompanies is smooth and has ktrap flexing expensive bentleys, and expensive watches and chains. this whole song perfectly shows off the negative and positives of K-trap`s life, shown exclusively through a private snap, as the song name implies.

THIS SONG IS not only about girls or private snaps as the title may suggest, but about K-trap`s now lavish lifestyle and his past trap lifestyle too. lyrics such as "I can't tell mummy the price She'll tell me it's overpriced" reflects k-traps lifestyle compared to what his mother thinks is sensible. the beat and content of this song, shows k-trap as a rapper who stays true to his origins, musically.


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