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Kano continues to prove why he's still one of the UK's premiere artist with "Trouble"

Legendary East London musician Kano is Arguably the most technically gifted UK mc and easy top 3 candidate in any best of all time list.

Equally fantastic with bars and flow but I'll also say is one of the most versatile artist of his generation. Check his catalogue.

Three years since his last (MOBO winning, Mercury nominated) album "Made In The Manor" K.A has released the official video for "Trouble" A beautiful 17-minute video directed by Aniel Karia.

The first single announced for his upcoming project "Hoodies All Summer" Kano showcases his excellent story telling abilities with a story many are familiar with.

With the current violent crisis affecting London street's, Trouble is a cautionary tale of life on the roads. But going into further detail on how gang violence effects others around you.

How your loved ones whole existence can be turned upside down. Showing the listener that you maybe in that life but you can always find a way out.

It's a song that fan's old and new can appreciate.

Further into the video we are giving a extra surprise.

A live performance of another single from the album called "Class Of Deja" ft D Double E & Ghetts. The best grime single of the year so far.

It's a perfect blend of old and new. That throwback 2000 grime aura but fits well with the advances in new music technology.

It's a great song for those old school grime fans who feel the genre is too young for them.

Every artist brought their A game. d double has on a feature slaughter, showing he's still sharp as ever. Ghetts rarely disappoints and his chemistry with kano is dynamic as ever

Wait till you hear that back and forth on the second verse Amazing.


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