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Kano serves up while the iron is hot on his latest tune ‘Pan Fried’

UK legend Kano is gearing up for his newest album since 2016’s sleeper hit Made In The Manor. The new album "Hoodies all summer" is out now, He’s already shown us that Top Boy isn’t getting in the way of the output with his double drop last month, ‘Trouble’ and the Ghetts and D Double assisted ‘Class of Deja’. He keeps the consistency going with Pan-Fried, bringing in an unexpected guest in Kojo Funds.

The East London linkup is unexpected but the two complement each other on this song, with Kano bringing Kojo in on a reggae influenced, stripped-back beat for the two to perform on. Kojo kicks the song off and it’s an instant vibe – it may not be made for the club but here we get a more soulful and introspective feel, as Kojo tells us “they really can’t test my patience”.

Kano hasn’t lost a step lyrically either. The beat is minimal enough to allow him to take more control and let the flow take the forefront. The song has an infectious pride as he brings bars about the success of him and his people. It’s not really a bragging tune either, we’ve seen Kano flex before but this song is more about enjoying your success on the low as he does – his clever punchline “The stunting shit will stunt your growth” is a perfect demonstration of that sentiment. There's a lot i could say about kano lyrically but it would've been said already - he's a master at painting pictures, wordplay and storytelling in general.

Despite those highlights The beat is probably where the song lacks a little – I personally like that it’s stripped back enough to let Kojo and Kano really shine. However the transition into the chopped up soul samples that Kano raps on during the verse doesn’t feel too natural. It does also feel like it’s lacking some bass that can sometimes makes the beat feel closer to unfinished than it does to just being minimal.

Overall this is a good tune that finds Kano on top form. I already like these songs just as much as any song on Made In The Manor, “Hoodies All Summer” out now


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