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Karma (Zone 2) brings pure "Kayos" with another solid release

Karma went from the zone 2 secret weapon to the collectives leading force.

either on a solo or collaboration, the guy still hasn't missed since his return. with 'kayos" produced by Razz Beats, this is one of the top 10 performances for me this year, whatever genre.

This is karma is his element. talking crud over an energetic instrumental. razz just brings out a different energy in the zone 2 member. the chemistry is elite level and leaves their material with a unique aura.

now you can always expect a karma song to be heavily censored. but thankfully this time it isn't as impactful and he's still as rude as ever. invoking more wordplay and metaphors to add extra venom to his lyrics.

a nice authentic touch is the lighthearted video. while the lyrics are raw and savage, the video isn't over dramatic as some uk drill visuals can be, a wise decision that matches the tone of the record perfectly.

if karma isn't considered in your top 5, then this track could have you rethink your list. even razz has continued to prove he's a producer many should look out for.



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