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Kaz and Sykes drop another raw banger for the streets with "Hold up"

the new song "hold up" by kaz and sykes hopes to give these rappers the crown in uk music again. All 28`s members keep delivering on the songs they release, with each one being as hard (or even better) than the previous. after hit after hit, the collective are only getting getting started on taking over the UK drill scene again. and "Hold up" raw vibe hopes to achieve that.

the new song/video by 28`s members sykes and kaz sounds as raw and authentic as drill gets. the beat is produced by one of the uk`s drill scenes best; siberia, And is as hard and gritty as the areas the rappers are from. the hard hitting beat automatically makes any listeners head start nodding. the video (directed by kxvin) also showcase the hard lifestyles these rappers have had to go through. the rapping by both artists, compliment the beat as they both flow effortlessly over the drill sound.

the lyrics by kaz and sykes are very gritty and express the rough condition of the streets. repeating lyrics such as " sitting in cells, now it's back to the trap again" show the listener the painful cycle they've gone through. however through music they hope to escape this.

the chorus, repeating lyrics like "swear you weren't bad back then" shows all the listeners and other drill rappers that kaz and sykes have always been bad, they confront the fakeness of many in the UK scene. as pioneers in the uk drill scene the 28`s have been setting trends in their music since they started, and with this new found energy they hope to take over the UK scene once again.


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