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Kilo Jugg is doing a madess in UK Wave Music with Brain

Kilo jugg has been making a lot of noise as one of the most underrated artists in the UK wave scene, and its evident as to why.

The stellar production from Michelin Shw and Hollywood six and the mesmerizing vocals from kilo jugg makes this the banger that it is and The visuals make this a wholesome experience all around.

kilo jugg has so many flows his in locker you never quite know what he's going to come up with. His vocal range is one of his greatest assets and this song is great example of that.

Kilo jugg has really shown what he's capable building from the solid foundation he laid for himself on the Destiny vol 1 mixtape. fans are already screaming for a M huncho x Nafe smallz x Kilo jugg collab and for good reason.


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