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Davey Jones has opened up his locker of bangers

Kilo Jugg is like a coin, with UK Drill on one side and UK wave music on the other. He's show he can standout on UK wave music on tracks such as 5 on me and now he shows more of his UK Drill side with "Wait".

For a start, the "Davey Jones" adlib is brilliant and i hope he keeps this as his trademark across all his tracks. Even a project entitled "Drill Davey Jones" or something along those lines would be great idea.

His flow is perfect for the sombre drill beat produced by Ghosty (Get well soon bro), the calm tone of voice with the smooth delivery comes together nicely.

punchlines like "whipping up coke that's science can't tell you where the lab is" makes this track memorable and definitely one for your drill playlist. Don't be surprised if you see this on the Reload it playlist next week.

This makes me excited for a Kilo Jugg project because he can offer so much on both sides of the coin. A combination of UK Drill and UK wave tracks would be perfect for Kilo Jugg to showcase himself.


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